We contribute to eight Sustainable Development Goals

Beginning of Life

Scientifically, there is no disagreement in the fact that PHA offers a significantly better beginning-of-life and end-of-life scenario than any of today’s conventional single-use plastics.

Fictionally, what would happen if plastic and the environment decided to reproduce? DAANE would be born with the brain of plastic but heart of the environment

*No fossil fuels or food source were used in the production of this child.

End of Life

For decades, plastic manufacturers have been trying to convince consumers that recycling is the ultimate end of life solution. But, in reality recycling is just a delayed form of dumping. There is a limited number of times that you can recycle plastic and eventually it will end up in our landfills and oceans.
If a product made from DAANE is kept at conditions with limited bacterial activity, it will last for a long time; but if it is discarded in land, ocean or a compost bin, microorganisms will use it as a carbon food source and consume it.

Home compostable

Industrially compostable

Soil biodegradable

Marine biodegradable

Fresh water biodegradable

Anaerobic digestion

End of Life

Plastic never goes away and it ends up in our food and bodies, chokes wildlife and destroys environment. As plastic is synthetic, nature doesn’t know what to do with it.
Global warming is the result of the increasing carbon in the ecosystem. If we created a problem, we can fix it

Carbon Impact

We aim to be completely carbon negative in our industrial scale operations If we replace plastic with something that is made by life and works for people and the environment, we can end plastic pollution. DAANE could help us end climate change.