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The only way forward

We can play a critical role in assisting your business in achieving its carbon footprint goals and developing tailored sustainable solutions to meet the needs of your customers. This will assist your company in connecting with customers, adhering to government regulations, and preserving the environment.

Reach out to us if you are looking for sustainable solutions.

Trash for you, Treasure for us

Our proprietary technology enables us to take waste from various industries and transform it into future-proof plastic, which can subsequently be used in a variety of industries to create sustainable products.
Many industries have the potential to improve their waste utilisation. Please connect to find out if your industry can make a difference

Both rain and sun are critical to form a rainbow

To replace up to 70 percent of all polymer uses, compounding technology must be optimised. We combine PHA with a variety of additives, chemicals, and biopolymers in order to expand the use cases.
Please connect with us if you are a professional or a company with compounding experience.

Career at Mend Earth

Sustainable community

People from all races, genders, religions, perspectives and backgrounds are welcome to work with us and change the world.

Opportunity for students

We provide opportunities to undergrad, postgrad and doctorate students to kickstart their career.

Work life balance

Productivity kicks in most when you don't burnout so we offer benefits to achieve work-life balance.


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