the only way forward.

DAANE will play a key roll in helping companies enhance their brand value through sustainable alternatives that would reduce their carbon footprint.

we create custom products for

food ware
trash for you, treasure for us.

our proprietary technology allows us to convert waste from some industries
into plastic of the future, which can be utilized by various industries to make
sustainable products

many industries have the potential to better utilize their waste.

to know if your industry can make a difference

PHA could replace 70% of all plastic applications.

*if compounded properly

H2SO4 + HNO3 + H2CO3

C6H12O6 + 6O2

we need to blend PHA with additives
and bioplastics in order to create
DAANE and also custom make
products for companies

get in touch if you are a
professional or a company with
expertise in compounding

sustainable community

people from all races, genders,
religions, perspectives and
backgrounds are welcome here

opportunity for students

we provide
opportunities for
students to kickstart
their career

work life balance

productivity kicks in most when
you don't burnout so we offer
benefits to achieve balance